Homeschooling tips through the alphabet

Ok, we are now in our second week of our Homeschooling Tips from A to Z series. This week is the letter B.

As always, feel free to leave a comment, especially if you think of a homeschooling tip that would help others out too.

If you missed the Homeschool Tips for the Letter A, just click on the red words. Homeschool Tips for the Letter A.

Homeschooling Tip #1: Breaktime

Everybody needs a break once in a while. It’s just good to get up and move around a little bit. I would encourage you to allow for a few minute break between subjects to allow your kids to relax, get a snack, or use the bathroom.

Another idea for breaktime is to complete your sit-down subject and then do a subject that requires more movement, like music practice, science experiments, art, or physical education.

There’s no time like the present for a little bit of exercise!

Homeschooling Tip #2: Brainstorming

You can call me weird if you want to, but I love to sit and think. I love to grab a piece of paper and make a list of ideas. Anything that pops into my head about a certain topic, goes on the paper.

I love mind maps, especially colorful ones with lots of options. The more complicated the better. 

I know it’s weird. I’m sorry.

There are so many things that you can brainstorm about. 

  1. Goals for yourself
  2. Goals for your child
  3. Subjects or topics you want to study
  4. School supplies that you will need
  5. Chores that need to be learned
  6. Character traits that need to be improved
  7. Field trip ideas
  8. School things to do with others
  9. And so much more!

So, I would encourage you to sit down and have a good “think”! It’s so much fun and frees up your brain. 

Homeschooling Tip #3: Back-up Those Files

Nothing is worse than a computer breakdown. When the computer goes, so do all the files….. except if you’ve been good and kept you and your kids’ school stuff backed up.

Online cloud storage or external hard drives are great places to keep your kids’ work or computer subject.

Nobody says that all the work has to be printed out, but it should be accessible. 

Make it a weekly chore for each child to back up all their work for the week. You may thank me later.

Homeschool tips that start with the letter B

Homeschooling Tip #4: Bonding

I’ve heard some people say that they wouldn’t be able to stand having their kids around them for 24 hours a day. I’ve also heard parents complain when there’s a week long break in the school schedule or when summer break starts.

I can’t imagine thinking that way. As homeschooling parents, we’ve made the commitment to love and keep our kids around us, all of the time. 

This, my friends, is where and how life long memories and life long love and friendship takes place. Your kids will grow up and know the sacrifice you made to stay with them and teach them day after day.

Time goes by so fast and homeschooling is a wonderful way to make the bond between siblings and parents and children so much stronger and it will last a lifetime.

Homeschooling Tip #5: Bible Class

If you’re a Christian, then most likely Bible class is important in your homeschool. I have some children’s games that kids like to play, where they have to use their Bibles in order to play.

Free, printable outdoor scavenger hunt

In this outdoor scavenger hunt, kids use their Bible to look up a reference, read the verse, figure out what the item is that they need to find, and then go search for that item. 

All the items are outside items, and kids really enjoy this game.

This indoor scavenger hunt is played the same way as the outside one, but the clues are different, and the items to find are going to be inside the house.

A Fun indoor scavenger hunt list for kids. Get practice finding the references in your Bible to uncover the clues.

With Sword drills, kids compete against each other to find the Scripture reference first and read it out loud. As the game is played, and the verses are red, the kids can guess what the common theme is that pertains to all the verses.

A free Bible lesson and Bible story visuals are also included.

This themed Sword Drill game is on the topic of love. Particularly, God’s love for us. 

Once again, there is a ready-to-read Bible lesson with Bible story visuals available for download and printing.

Bible game and lesson revolving around the theme of God's love.
Bible sword drill game for kids

If you would like to give a Bible lesson on prayer, then this Sword Drill game is what you need. The visuals are included and the Bible lesson is ready-to-read. 

With this popsicle stick activity, you child can practice independently putting the books of the Bible in order. 

Once you or your child gets the sticks set up, your child can check for himself to see if he was correct. 

Use popsicle sticks to learn the Books of the Bible with this fun learning activity.
Bible study method for kids

This Bible study method for kids is easy for them to use, and it promotes applying God’s Word to their lives. 

Did you know the books in the Bible are not placed in chronological order? 

With this printable Bible lesson, your child will see and understand how the books of the Bible are really organized. 

Bible lesson for kids
Follow God's chosen people through the Bible with this basic Bible lesson.

In this second Bible Basics series, you child will follow God’s people through the Bible chronologically. 

It is important to see the big picture of the Bible, since the books are not in chronological order. 

This year long Bible study is for high school students. It is an independent study to get your child searching out topics in the Bible, so that they can see what God has to say about it. 

From this, they can then share their reasonings on why they live and the things that they do or don’t do to their friends. 

High School Bible Curriculum to last the entire school year

Homeschooling Tip #6: Busywork is Avoided

Homeschooling tips that begin with the letter B

I remember when I was in public school and in shop class. We took shop class when we were in the 8th grade. There were a few days when the teacher was out sick.

Some of the kids loved to have a substitute teacher. They felt like they could get away with some bad behavior, and they did. But what I remember most about our substitute teacher in shop class was the work we had to do.


Our class time wasn’t the normal routine of working with the wood, sanding, staining, drilling, cutting, etc. Instead, it was textbook reading and answer the questions at the end of the chapter. 

To make matters worse we had to copy the questions onto our paper too. That is busywork. 

Praise the Lord, that we don’t have to assign our kids busywork.  Once a concept or topic is mastered, you can move on. 

There are no substitute teachers who won’t know what to do for the class. Most likely, your kids are trained well enough to know what subjects they can move on in and work on independently.

It is so nice not to have to waste the kids’ time. What you do during your school day is beneficial and important. Good job, Mom!

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Don’t forget, if you have a homeschooling tip that you would like to share, just leave a comment!

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