Bible Breakdowns: A Biblical Product Review

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Bible Breakdowns: A Biblical Product Review

Being part of the Homeschool Review Crew, my family and I have had the privilege to use Bible Breakdowns from Teach Sunday School.

These downloadable, printable Bible Breakdown sheets are filled with comprehensive and in-depth information about each book of the Bible.

Bible Breakdowns: A Biblical Product Review
Bible Breakdowns: A Biblical Product Review

There is one-two pages per book of the Bible, and it is a wealth of helpful information.

Bible Breakdowns: A Biblical Product Review

Each page has a very clear title of the book’s name, if it’s in the Old Testament (OT)/New Testament (NT), and then the order number that it can be found in. 

So for example, the book of Genesis is the first book in the Old Testament.

Next on the page, is a quick synopsis of the book. It contains things such as, the theme of the book, who wrote it and to whom, a little bit about the author, and/or a major event that occurs in the book.

The next helpful item on the page, is this simple, colorful overview section.

Bible Breakdowns: A Biblical Product Review

You can easily see the number of chapters, the type of book it is/what section of the Bible it’s in, the date the book was written, the dates that the events cover, and the author.

Bible Breakdowns: A Biblical Product Review

The next section on the page takes up the most space, and this is where the breakdown of each Bible book occurs.

Teach Sunday School has taken the time to divide out each subject/event in the book and give us the book’s name, chapter number and verse numbers. 

Any subject that they consider a classic Bible story, like Daniel in the Lion’s Den, is in a teal blue font for easy finding.

I do like, in the Gospel books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, that Teach Sunday School has given some subjects and events certain labels. 

If you wanted to study all the parables that Jesus told, then you can easily see where each parable is located in the Bible, by looking for that label.

Teach Sunday School has categorized and labeled these topics:

  • Parables
  • Sermon on the Mount (SOM)
  • Healings
  • Miracles
  • Teachings
  • Holy Week

The last section on the page covers the Most Popular Verses.

Teach Sunday School has chosen the most common chapters and/or verses in each Bible book and listed it here with a corresponding rank number for the book that it’s in, and also for the entire Bible.

Bible Breakdowns: A Biblical Product Review

For Genesis, we see that Genesis 1:1-2 are the most popular verses in Genesis with a rank of 1. These verses though rank seventh for most popular verses in the entire Bible. 

The system is a cool idea, but I don’t know who came up with it, or who decided on the ranks for the chapter/verses.

I was surprised to see that a few popular verses, in my opinion, didn’t make the list. Psalm 23,  Matthew 6:9-13 (The Lord’s Prayer) and  Luke 2 (The Nativity, Jesus’ birth). 

Recommendations about Bible Breakdowns

My suggestions, if you choose to accept them, are to print each page out and place them in clear page protector sleeves and then in a 3-ring binder.

Bible Breakdowns: A Biblical Product Review

These are excellent sheets to refer to before teaching a Bible lesson or while doing family or personal devotions.

If your child does not have a good study Bible, then the information on these sheets is good to write in the Bible, as needed, especially the chapter/verse subjects and topics.

The book summaries are also good to write in, if your Bible just gives you the very basics. 

Would I recommend Bible Breakdowns from Teach Sunday School?

Yes, they are full of wonderful and helpful information. The ranking system and verses chosen as most popular are man’s opinion only, so it’s ok to agree or disagree with them. It is certainly not a deal breaker, and it could lead to some interesting conversation and/or debates about personal favorite passages. 

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