Bible sword drill game for kids

So many people have loved these themed sword drill games and Bible lessons for kids, that I had to make another one!

The theme for this sword drill is “prayer”. 

What is a Sword Drill?

If you are a new visitor, let me introduce to you…. a sword drill.

We as Christians can refer to our Bibles as swords. Hence the title, Sword Drill. 

The teacher gives a Bible reference and the kids race to see who can find it first. They then read the verse out loud to the rest of the class.

Bible sword drill and Bible lesson for kids

The benefits of having a Bible lesson like this is two-fold. First, they get plenty of practice looking up Bible verses in their own Bibles, and second, they get to practice reading the Bible out loud.

Kids just have fun with a competitive game like this.

Detailed rules are included in the free download, so don’t worry about that.

Also, the Bible lesson is ready-to-read. You prepare nothing…except to print it. There are Bible story visual pictures included to keep everyone’s attention. 

With this format, your kids will look forward to these competition style Bible games and lessons frequently.

If you like the idea of trying the other two themed sword drill games too, just click on the colored words.

Themed Sword Drill Game Number One. Fear

Themed Sword Drill Game Number Two. Love

Themed Sword Drill Game Number Three. Prayer

This will take you to the form where I can then send you your download link. If you have any questions, just let me know. 

Bible sword drill game and lesson for kids revolving around the theme of God's love

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