Book Review of Esther and the Very Brave Plan
I received this complimentary product from the publisher for my honest review. 

Tim Thornborough has once again created a cute Bible story picture book perfect for any little person ages 2-4. 

Esther and the Very Brave Plan is just one Bible story in Thornborough’s collection called The Very Best Bible Stories. 

The story of Esther, from the Bible, becomes real as the story unfolds about evil intentions and Esther’s brave plan. 

Poor Esther has to be brave in order to stand before the king, will she do it?

Book review of Esther and the Very Brave Plan

The colorful book cover invites you to open it up and look inside.

Jennifer Davison has done an excellent job with the illustrations, and has created these special little characters with wonderful facial expressions. 

The book is easy and fun to read, as well as, easy and fun to listen too. Word phrases repeat through the story making it familiar and entertaining. The vocabulary and illustrations come together so nicely to easily captivate a little person’s attention. 

Any parent or adult who wants to introduce Bible stories to toddlers and preschool age children should get this book.

For preschool age children, this is an easy way to begin to teach them that God has everything in control, even when we may think that He doesn’t. 

Between the vocabulary and the illustrations this book is a winner. 

You will want to keep Esther and the Very Brave Plan in your church’s nursery or preschool classroom, perfect for storytime. 

Book cover image for Esther and the Very Brave Plan

Along with Esther and the Very Brave Plan in The Very Best Bible Stories series, there is also:

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  • Daniel and the Very Hungry Lions
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  • Jonah and the Very Big Fish
  • Noah and the Very Big Boat
  • A Very Happy Easter
  • A Very Noisy Christmas

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