The Dad Who Never Gave Up: A Children's Book Review by Homeschooling Highway

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Book Information

The Dad who Never Gave Up was written by Steph Williams and is part of the Little Me, Big God series. 

This children’s book is geared for kids aged 2-4. The pictures are bright, colorful, simple, and captivating. 

Book Summary

The Bible story is based on Jesus’ parable of the Prodigal Son found in Luke 15:11-32. 

The book is accurate in sharing the Bible’s information, and the moral of the story is clear, too. 

Children will understand that God loves them no matter what bad things they do. 

Inside look at the book, "The Dad Who Never Gave Up" by Steph Williams. This book review written by

Book Recommendation

Inside look at the book, "The Dad Who Never Gave Up" by Steph Williams. This book review written by

I would highly recommend this book, “The Dad Who Never Gave Up“. It is perfect for introducing young children to Jesus’ parables and stories from the Bible. This would be a great addition to any home library, church nursery, or preschool classroom. 

I appreciate that Ms. Williams has the Bible text printed at the back of the book for easy reference (NIV) and that there is a note to adults about the moral of the story and sharing this with children. 

Little Me, Big God Series

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  • Never Too Little
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About the Author

Stephanie Williams is a writer and illustrator, as well as working as a graphic designer and artistic director for graphic design agency Tiger Finch Creatives, which she founded with her husband, Daniel. She lives with Daniel and their three extremely mischievous little boys in Reading, UK. 

Steph Williams author of The Dad Who Never Gave Up. This children's book review is written by
"The Dad Who Never Gave Up" by Steph Williams. This book review written by

She loves philosophy and apologetics and enjoys putting the Bible into everyday language through stories, articles, or quirky animations for social media. She grew up in Asia and loves being part of international projects around the world through her graphic design work. In her spare time, she enjoys helping out at school and assisting the boys with their weird and wonderful artistic creations.

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