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God has blessed my children with their four grandparents. My parents and in-laws are still relatively healthy, and they all enjoy spending time and sharing their knowledge with the kids.

We are fortunate that my parents and in-laws live close by, and we all go to the same church.

So, it is a real blessing for the kids to be able to see and be close to their grandparents many times throughout the week.

My husband’s and my own grandparents were also able to spend some time with our kids too. They’ve all since passed on, but the pictures and memories of time well spent together with the great grandparents will last a lifetime.

Advantages of Involving Grandparents’ Help with Homeschooling

Grandparents can be so beneficial and such a great asset to a homeschooling family. Here’s a list of just a few advantages of utilizing them as much as you can.

A man and boy stand in front of an old antique car
Grandparents can help with homeschooling by sharing their hobbies and interests. Homeschooling Highway
  • Promotes family time with the grandparents
  • Will create a strong bond between the grandparents and grandchildren
  • Grandparents are full of wisdom, knowledge, and experiences to share
  • Grandparents just make everything more fun
  • Grandparents can have a new perspective to consider
  • Grandparents can provide different socialization opportunities
  • Grandparents sometimes have more financial freedom to pour into the kids’ schooling needs
  • Grandparents tend to move at a slower pace and not be rushed all the time
  • Grandparents have plenty of personal resources available (more on that below)
  • Grandparents tend to be excellent encouragers
  • Grandparents can show love by giving of themselves and their time
  • Grandparents can exemplify good citizenship, good morals, values, and biblical beliefs

Can Grandparents Help with Homeschooling if They Live Far Away?

Absolutely. With a little bit of creativity and planning ahead, families can use the phone, skype, facetime, zoom, etc.

Homeschooling Ideas for Grandparents


Grandparents are full of stories. Whether they are real or make-believe, stories from grandparents are always true winners.

Story ideas could be their own personal past history, the family’s history, or even stories about world or national historic events.


Grandpa’s stories can be great interview topics for writing assignments or social studies. Usually, grandparents are willing to share their experiences with anyone who will listen.

Life Skills

A grandfather and grandaughter near a big tractor

Pap gives advice about the farm work that needs to be done.

Life skills can include teaching simple car repair skills (blowing up a tire, checking/changing the oil, filling the windshield wiper fluid, etc.), home repairs (light bulbs, plumbing, etc.), and cooking or baking.

Community and Socialization

Kids like to be involved. Grandparents are perfect people to volunteer with, go to vote with on voting day, and meet and interact with the grandparents’ friends.

They could even visit a grandparent’s friend who is recuperating from surgery or an injury. (Don’t forget to take a homemade card with you.)

Run Errands

Running errands are wonderful ways to show and teach kids some of the old and/or common ways of doing things.

  • Learn to pump gas
  • Mail a real letter inside of the post office
  • Learn to use the credit card/debit card machine when checking out
  • Actually go inside the bank to make a deposit or withdraw

Prepare for Holidays and Birthday

Baking cookies and making homemade cards or gifts are fun ideas for special times.

Grandfathers that have woodworking skills can teach grandchildren some simple projects to do.

Zachery made me a heart shaped recipe card holder for in the kitchen. He gave it to me for a Christmas gift.

Don’t forget. Safety first! Where’s those safety goggles, boys?

Grandparent can teach child woodworking
How to include grandparents with homeschooling by Homeschooling Highway

Grandparents could also take the child shopping for that special gift that mommy needs.

Teach Their Talents, Hobbies, and Special Skills

Sewing, cooking, crafts, and woodworking are just a few special skills that grandparents can share.

A little girl sews on a sewing machine

Grandma taught Erika how to make a simple pillowcase for a body pillow she had.

It turned out great, and Erika enjoyed using the sewing machine.

A man and a litle girl picking peas in the garden

Tutor and Assist with Specific Subjects

  • Listen to kids read
  • Grandparents can read a family story to the kids
  • Watch a school movie or documentary
  • Assist with science experiments
  • Watch the child perform or help with a dramatization of something they’ve learned
  • Listen or play along with music practice
  • Provide time for a show-and-tell

My mother-in-law is a Kindergarten teacher. She was such a blessing when the kids were little by sharing with us the games and resources that she created for her own classroom. She was a wealth of tips and tricks for phonics, math, and book lists that the kids would enjoy.

Miscellaneous Ideas for Grandparents

There are lots of other ways grandparents can be involved in homeschooling.

  • Provide some field trip days
  • Play educational games
  • Create the school scrapbook or portfolio
  • Brainstorm ideas or writing prompts as needed
  • Grade papers
  • Be a study helper
  • Be the bus driver
  • Be the driving coach for the child’s Drivers Ed class
  • Be the day-to-day encourager
  • Be the family cheerleader at the child’s sports games
  • Take the grandkids back to school shopping
  • Help get ready for the start of the school year
two ladies and one boy smiling

Nana and Aunt Julie went on the same mission’s trip as Zachery. It’s just another way to create plenty of memories and solidify that special bond between family members.

My mom always helped out by collecting household items we would need for science experiments. She’d help us collect magazines and newspapers too.

Many times, she helped me get ready for the coming year by cutting things out or by preparing daily to-do slips that the kids had to do for their Saxon math calendar time. It sure saved a lot of time.

Have the grandparents of your kids helped out with your homeschooling? Please share in the comments below!

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