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Yes, my friend, you read that right.

You have the opportunity to win an entire year of free homeschooling curriculum for every child in your family. This is a $200.00 value.

What is

I’m glad you asked. is a membership site that gives you access to over 450 courses and classes for any age or grade level. Pre-K to 12th grade.

Actually, parents can take courses too.

What Kind of Courses are There on

All of the main subjects are covered.


  • Algebra 2
  • Algebra for Kids
  • All About Shapes
  • Building a Foundation with Kindergarten Math
  • Daily Math
  • Decimal Workshop
  • Everyday Games
  • Fraction Workshop
  • Geometry in Real Life
  • Hands-On Math Help with Cuisenaire Rods
  • How to Teach Elementary Math
  • Let’s Do Math Outside
  • Multiplication and Division Practice Unit
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Precalculus
  • Starting Out with First Grade Math
  • Statistics
  • Staying Sharp with Sixth Grade Math
  • Steaming Ahead with Fifth Grade Math
  • Stepping Up with Second Grade Math
  • Strengthening Skills with Fourth Grade Math
  • Stretching Higher with Third Grade Math
  • Trigonometry
  • Plus lots more……..

Language Arts

  • Essay Writing 101
  • Everyday Copywork
  • Everyday Games
  • Expanding Your Writing Skills
  • Experiencing Epics and Poetry
  • Exploring Creative Writing
  • Exploring Literature
  • Exploring Poetry with Notebooking
  • Fundamental Elements of Literature and Composition
  • Fun with Fairy Tales
  • Great Books with Dr. Hake, Part One
  • Great Books with Dr. Hake, Part Two
  • High School Literature from a Biblical Perspective
  • How to Do Research
  • How to Write a Resume
  • Independent Morning Work for Kinders
  • Into the Elements
  • Introducing the Many Faces of Poetry
  • Lapbooking
  • Literature
  • Little Language Arts
  • Loving Literature through Chapter Books
  • Making Shakespeare Important
  • Monthly Book Lists for Families
  • Navigating the World of Research
  • Plus lots more………..


  • A Different Kind of Bible Study
  • A Study of Extraordinary Women in the Bible
  • Addressing Cultural Issues
  • Advanced Apologetics
  • Adventures of Donkey Ollie
  • Apologetics: Creation vs. Evolution
  • Bible Adventures
  • Bible Stories for Kids
  • Bible Study for Preteens
  • Camping with Jesus
  • Creation Apologetics from CMI
  • Creation Worldview
  • Digging for Treasure
  • Discovering Our Amazing God
  • Plus lots more…………….


  • Exploring God’s World with Third Grade Science
  • Friendly Anatomy
  • Friendly Chemistry
  • Fun with Gravity and Climate
  • Fun with Science
  • General Biology by Core Academy
  • Geology
  • God’s Beautiful Creatures
  • Having Fun with Kindergarten Science
  • Introduction to Life Science
  • Introduction to Physical Science
  • Introduction to Physics: Middle School
  • Lapbooking Through Science
  • Let’s Do Science Outside
  • Life Science
  • Nature/Outdoors
  • Physical Science
  • Physics (High School)
  • Red Wagon Biology for High School
  • Plus lots more………..


  • History of Air Travel
  • History of Ancient Civilizations
  • History of Christianity
  • History of Holidays in America
  • In-Depth Modern History for High School
  • Kingdoms of the World: Fifteenth to Eighteenth Century: World History
  • Lapbooking Through the Ages
  • Leaders of History
  • Life of Abraham Lincoln
  • Lighting the Way
  • Medieval to the Renaissance: Elementary History
  • Medieval to the Renaissance: High School History
  • Middle Ages History
  • Modern History for Elementary
  • Native American History: An Introduction
  • People and Places of World War II
  • Renaissance History
  • Renaissance to World War II History
  • They Lived for God
  • This Day in History
  • Plus lots more……….

Social Studies

  • Free Market Economics
  • Free Men and Free Markets: Government and Economics
  • Globally Connected: High School Social Studies
  • Growing in Citizenship in Second Grade
  • Kindergarten Social Studies
  • Learning About World Cultures
  • Mock Trial
  • Rights of Citizens for Third Graders
  • Rights of Citizens for Fourth Graders
  • Seven Principles of Liberty: Government from a Christian Perspective
  • Stepping Through History: Starting with You
  • Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans
  • Strengthening Behavioral and Social Skills
  • Plus lots more…………..


  • Digital Art and Product Designs for Small Business
  • Discovering Art History
  • Drawing in Pen and Ink
  • Drawing with Realism
  • Elementary Art
  • Everyday Easels
  • Exploring the World of Art
  • Inkscape Online Adventure
  • Learning About Art
  • Let’s Do Art Outside
  • Studio Art for Teens
  • Plus more………..


  • Advanced Music Theory
  • Appreciating the Gift of Music
  • Beginner Drum Lessons
  • Composing with the Masters
  • Fun with Music
  • Great Musicians
  • Guitar
  • Plus more…………


  • How to Use Microsoft Word
  • Internet Entrepreneurship for Teens
  • Keyboarding
  • LibreOffice Writer Basics
  • Podcasting to Change the World
  • Web Game Design
  • Plus more………


  • Growing Healthy in Fourth Grade
  • Health 101
  • Kindergarten Health
  • Nourishing Nuggets
  • Preventing and Responding to Emergencies
  • Understanding Middle School Health
  • Plus more…………


  • Exploring Elementary World Geography
  • Geography of the Bible
  • Learning Across the USA
  • Let’s Visit Denmark
  • Living Geography
  • Trek to the Holy Land and Beyond
  • Wonders of the World
  • Plus more…………

Drama and Speech

  • Advanced Public Speaking
  • In the Limelight
  • Public Speaking (Introduction)
  • Reader’s Theater
  • Simply Shakespeare

Foreign Languages

  • Advanced Spanish Fluency
  • ASL Adventures (Introduction)
  • Basic Conversational Korean
  • Beginning Latin
  • ESL Language Arts
  • ESL Vocabulary
  • French for All Ages
  • Latin II
  • Latvian
  • Elementary Spanish
  • Spanish 1 (High School)
  • Spanish 2 (High School)


  • Business Plan Creation
  • Career Exploration
  • College Choice Guidance
  • Filmmaking
  • Fun with Cooking
  • Hands-On Architecture
  • Hands-On Design Fun
  • Hands-On Learning Activities Through Crafts 
  • Heritage Crafts
  • High School Home Economics
  • Home Economics
  • Homesteading
  • Image Editing and Creation
  • Introduction to Architecture
  • Introduction to Graphic Design
  • Logic
  • Media Socialization
  • Money 101
  • Personal Finance in Bite-Size Chunks
  • Photography
  • Plus More……………………


  • Donkey Ollie and the Ten Commandments
  • Everyday Games
  • From Aardvark to Zucchini
  • Manners and Healthy Habits for Preschool
  • Preschool Playground: Arts, Crafts & Music
  • Preschool Playground: Language Arts
  • Preschool Playground: Motor Skills
  • Preschool Playground: Numbers, Patterns, and Cognitive Skills
  • Preschool Playground: Social Studies
  • Pre-K Activities: Read and Play
  • Preschool in a Box
  • Small World Sensory Science
  • Plus more…………

Parent Help

Mom, don’t feel like you have to put all this together by yourself.

School Boxes has created “School Boxes” for each grade level.

Each School Box consists of grade level courses already chosen and arranged, just for your child.

But, I can hear you now…. What if my child doesn’t like a subject in the School Box?

No problem. Just choose something else. It’s that simple. Eleventh grade curriculum school box cover image

Smart Mama Planner

If you’re anything like me, then you like to be on top of everything.

The Smart Mama Planner helps you keep track of your monthly menus, chore lists, lesson planning pages, budget pages, goal tracking, transcript pages, monthly and weekly calendars, prayer journaling pages, devotional sheets, plus so much more.

Smart Mama Planner cover from features a seashore with a lighthouse


Take the opportunities to connect with other members and staff with the Hey Mama! Members’ Lounge events.

There’s also the Hey Mama! Bright Spot Chat that gives you the opportunity to get inspired and educated on homeschool topics. Activity and Events Calendar

Tips to Teach the Tough Stuff

Every homeschooling mom needs some new and innovative tips and tricks when a child is having trouble with a concept. A membership to gives you access to parental help with difficult topics.

  • Charlotte Mason Homeschooling
  • College Choice Guidance
  • Creating and Implementing A Personal Strategic Plan
  • Disconnected: Connecting with Teens in the Digital Age
  • Encouragement for Homeschool Moms
  • ESL Language Arts
  • ESL Vocabulary
  • Everyday Organization
  • Finally Conquer Fractions
  • Growing in Homeschool Confidence
  • Hands-On Math Help with Cuisenaire Rods
  • Plus a lot more…………….

Virtual Competitions and Fun for the Entire Family

National Academic Homeschool Competition

New this year, has partnered with the College Options Foundation to give their members detailed help and assistance to get your child ready for college.

Part of this help is the opportunity for your child to compete in the National Academic Homeschool Competition.

This competition gives your child the practice they need to take the SAT and/or ACT.

Prizes and awards are given after the competition is completed.

Registration for the competition is open now.

NAHC information image for

Family Movie Night

This is a new event that is doing. The details aren’t out yet, but they should be soon. I know that seating is limited, so keep your eye on the Member Dashboard for new information.

Storytime and Show & Tell

Takes place once a month during the school year.

Art & Photography Fair

More details coming in the Fall of 2022.

Talent Showcase

More details coming this Winter of 2023.

Science Fair

More details coming the Spring of 2023.

Graduating Senior Recognition

More details coming this Spring 2023.

Summer Challenges

More details coming Summer 2023.

Enter for Your Chance to Win

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