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I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew. 
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Being part of the Homeschool Review Crew, I had the opportunity to use Total Transcript Solution from HomeScholar LLC

Meet Lee Binz

Lee Binz is the founder of The HomeScholar, and her goal is to help you with your middle and high school children.

She teaches homeschool parents how to help their child get the credit they deserve when they are looking for a college, seeking employment, or entering the military after their high school years are over.  

Besides the Total Transcript Solution, Mrs. Binz has other areas of expertise that she offers, such as:

Picture of Lee Binz, founder of the HomeScholar LLC
  • Comprehensive Record Solution
  • College Launch Solution
  • High School Solution
  • Personalized support programs
  • Parental helps
  • Homescholar books
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With my daughter graduating this year, I decided to look over HomeScholar’s Total Transcript Solution. 

I have to be honest, I wasn’t going to do a transcript for Erika, because she isn’t planning on attending college, but the more I’ve learned from Mrs. Binz, the more I’m convinced that I need to reconsider.

Mrs. Binz has worked with many different parents and she has so many stories that prove, that all homeschooled students need to have a transcript.  They also need to keep it for a LONG time. 

With all the proof I needed, it was time for me to start my training with HomeScholar. 

Let me tell you…..Mrs. Binz’s training is super educational, helpful and full of tips to give your child a transcript that you both will be proud of. 

Her training is quite overwhelming, actually. I have not been able to get through everything that she offers in the last six weeks, it’s just too much.  But, I will tell you what I’ve done and what lies ahead on my “Do This Transcript Journey”.

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On my HomeScholar dashboard I quickly accessed The Total Transcript Solution. The first two things you get is a tour around the Total Transcript Solution dashboard, and then Mrs. Binz’s contact information. 

Mrs. Binz makes it very easy to get in touch with her, just in case you would need any help or have any questions.

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The next four steps teach and help you get your child’s transcript done. They are:

  • The Nuts & Bolts of How to Make a Transcript
  • Books for Book Learners
  • The HomeScholar Transcript Template Collection
  • One Personal Consultation to Review your Completed Transcript

HomeScholar’s Transcript Training

In this first module of training are individual audio and visual workshops that have corresponding handouts that you should print out and make notes on. Some workshops even have course slides that you can follow along with. 

Mrs. Binz teaches us all the basics about transcripts in each of these workshop topics.

  • Making a Transcript
  • Requirements for an Official Homeschool Transcript
  • How to Create Class Titles
  • How to Determine Credits
  • How to Calculate Grades
  • How to Calculate GPA
  • Finalizing a Transcript
  • Reasons to Make a Transcript
  • Additional Resources
Member dashboard for HomeScholar LLC members

Each of these audio workshops are easy to hear and easy to understand. Mrs Binz is fun to listen to with her jokes and stories. She does a really good job of keeping your attention. 

She includes so much helpful information of what to include, how to include it, and what NOT to do with preparing a transcript. 

HomeScholar’s Transcript Training in Book Format

The second step in The Total Transcript Solution is Mrs. Binz’s e-book.

This e-book is 109 pages long, and is filled with Mrs. Binz’s training that she covered before. If you need to take a ton of information in small, bite-size chunks, then this will be incredibly helpful for you. 

HomeScholar’s Transcript Template Collection

In this area of The HomeScholar’s training, there is a list of transcript templates that you can look at and choose from. 

Ten different formatted samples are available for you to look at, and if you like one of those, you can download the blank template to use. 

Stick figures on a course slide. Text gives examples of words that make a bad high school course title

Along with these ten, are additional templates specifically designed for different student types. 

For example, there is a one-page and also a two-page template specifically for students that excelled at athletics.

Then there are basic templates (one or two-page) that are laid out by subject and/or subject and year.

With this list to choose from you are sure to find at least one that will fit your needs.

So, now what do I have to do yet? I have to choose my template, fill it in, and then I get my personal phone call with Mrs. Binz, so she can look it over and give any extra tips that I may need.

The HomeScholar Doesn’t Stop There!

Throughout these six weeks, Mrs. Binz has provided us with extra workshops. 

These workshops are like a webinar, and last about an hour long. There’s usually a handout to print out and use during the teaching time. 

Mrs. Binz continues to give great content, help, and advice to everyone that attends. 

Course slide image that says High School Credits

The HomeScholar Still Gives You More!

In your Bonus section Mrs. Binz gives you information on

  • High School Testing
  • Planning calendars for Middle School and every year of High School
    • Calendars include reminders for registering for college testing
    • College fairs
    • Subject testing
    • College Statistics
    • College applications
    • Practicing college essays
    • When to write your resume
    • Updating high school records
  • Free ebook and coupons for more books
  • Silver Training Club for 30 days

We’re not done yet! There is still a Suprise Bonus section, just for you. It includes

  • Emergency Transcript Pack
  • Key to Success Pack
  • Scholarships Pack
  • Finding a College Pack
  • A coupon for a special price for the Comprehensive Record Solution
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Silver Training Club

With your purchase of The Total Transcript Solution you get 30 days free in the Silver Training Club.

There is so much in here as well. 

  • 5 new training classes each month. On topics such as planning courses, college applications and specific grade step-by-step planning.
  • Tools you need to succeed. These tools include planning guides, planning calendars, GPA calculator, assignment sheets, bonues ebooks
  • Templates for you to use for record keeping, resumes, report cards and diplomas.
  • There is also a FAQ’s secition.
  • Access to the private Facebook group
  • Parent helps for topics like gifted education, big scholarship strategies, graduation, reading lists, and award lists. 

Final Thoughts about The Total Transcript Solution

Review of HomeScholar's Total Transcript Solution

I would highly recommend The HomeScholar’s services to any homeschool parent of a middle or high school level child. 

Mrs. Binz will take the scary out of creating a transcript and turn it into something that you and your child will be proud of. 

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